10 most bizarre festivals from around the world

 Here are some of the strangest festivals you will probably ever see. I’ve been to one of them and I could honestly say its one of the best festivals going around. Well….weirdest!

Of course Oktoberfest is awesome but if you have a look at number 3 “Tomatina” it’s some serious fun and i would recommend anyone to go. What could be more fun than throwing squidgy tomatoes at strangers faces.  Maybe I’ll be back next year  but place some rocks inside my tomatoes. 😛




 For at least 200 years locals from the village of Brockworth try to catch the cheese while it’s rolling down the Cooper’s Hill, near Gloucester, England. No one ever managed to do that, but the tradition is very interesting not just for locals, but for the people all around the world as well, so it’s still held in late May every year. Adventurers from all continents go there to get some bruises, scrapes, cuts and other injuries, but the one who will pass the finish line first will get a Double Gloucester Cheese made with traditional methods.




 Pushkar is a little desert town in the state of Rajasthan, India, which host over 50,000 camels every November, depending on the moon cycle. Camel owners from the whole country come to the fair to do some weird things with their camels. The animals are shaved, dressed up, entered into beauty contests, paraded, raced, and finally, traded. The amazing numbers of 200,000 people who appear on the festival every year make it worth visiting.



La Tomatina Festival is held every fourth Wednesday of August in Bunol, near Valencia in Spain. It’s the world’s biggest food fight. It started in 1940’s, but the reasons why it began are still unknown. There are some theories that it was a school food fight that has been adopted by the locals; it was a joke on a really bad artist, or it started when people threw it on local politicians. Whatsoever, people liked it and the traditions still remains.



Italians have a huge food fight, too. It starts peacefully, with red hats selling after which it continues with parades to piazzas, and then, the Scarli, a tall pole covered with dried branches, becomes the biggest victim of the food fight with oranges. Allegedly, it started back in 1194 when a local heroine started throwing oranges to the Roman Emperor Frederick of Swabia. It’s held in Ivrea, a little town near Turin.



The little town of Pamplona is world wide known just because of the celebration day of San Fermin. Encierro is a race in which raged bulls run after people in the tiny streets of the town. Anyone can participate; the only condition is to wear something red, in order to rage the bull. Allegedly, it all started in 14th century, when bull marketers tried to speed up the process of bringing the animals to the market. It has become very popular, so now people from all around the globe come to Pamplona just to experience this strange but exciting event.



There are regular Olympic Games in winter and summer, there are Olympics for sportsmen and women with handicap, but in last six decades there’s sports festival for weird disciplines. Animals are racing all the time, but there are also sportsmen, who pull cars with their teeth or ears, or ride bicycle with burning tyre. An amazing number of 4000 sportsmen take participation, while there are over one million spectators. It’s held every year during three days in February.



Every September there’s an old pagan holiday in Greece named Clean Monday. Then there’s a carnival which ends with a picnic with family and friends and a lot of food. However, in the little town of Tyrvanos the tradition is a little bit different. It’s in the middle of a wine region, so for the locals the ancient God of wine Dionysos is more important. The celebration includes drinking Greek brandy from ceramic phallus shaped cups. Even the children take participation in this event.



The Cheung Chau Bun Festival is held every year in Hong Kong. Actually, it’s a competition in which the racers run to the top of the 60 feet tall tower. While getting there, their next task is to throw off as much plastic buns as possible. The race often is violent, but that’s allowed, however. In 1978 the tower crashed while 30 racers were injured. It was banned for a long time before being introduced again in 2005.



Weird Finns have a lot of strange festivals, but this so called “world championship” in playing air guitar is too much. We all know some mega popular metal band from Finland, so they decided to make a festival of their “folklore.” They say that this event was organized in order to promote the world peace, because if all the people were playing an air guitar, there would be nobody to make wars. Whatsoever, they have a reason to hold the weird event.



This is definitely the world’s biggest frog jumping contest. The fair was held for the first time in 1893, but the frog competitions started in 1928. The frog trainers have to participate on a number of competitions during the whole year in order to gain an invitation for this event. In three days in May every year thousands of frogs show their skills. The world record was set in 1986 by Rosie the Ribiter with a jump of 21 feet and 5.75 inches. Impressive!