22 Interesting Facts About Jellyfish

They are pointless creatures that live in the sea. They are not cuddly or good looking, and they are always out waiting for you to step foot in the sea. They will most probably be the last things on our earth as scientist have discovered in Japan.

Jelly fish lay millions of eggs once they are killed and they never stop growing! Anyway,  here are 22 facts that you most probably didn’t know. Enjoy! 🙂

1. When jellyfish swim in large groups, it is known as a bloom.

2. The most feared Sea Wasp named jellyfish is not a real jellyfish.

It’s a sort of box jelly.

3. Jellyfish were there even when no dinosaurs existed on planet Earth.

4. The biggest jellyfish ever found had a diameter of 8 feet and its tentacles were as long as half the length of a football field!

5. Even a lifeless jellyfish has the capability to sting.

6. Box jellyfish’s sting can cause the death of the person stung within a time period of 3 minutes.

7. There are around four hundred dead zone areas in the oceans of the world where only jellyfish can survive and no other life form.

8. A single jellyfish can release as much as 45,000 eggs each day!

9. Every year, during blooms, the seas of Japan get filled with over 500 million jellyfish as large as the size of a refrigerator.

10. Jellyfish do not have gills so technically they are not fishes but just sea jellies.

11. “Box jellyfish” named species has 64 anuses.

12. Another funny fact about the above mentioned creature is that it has a total of 24 and still its vision is blurry.

13. Jellyfish are sans brain, sans respiratory system, they have no circulatory system and even an excretory system. This is the reason jellyfish uses its mouth for expulsion of waste material.

14. The growth of a jelly fish NEVER stops.

15. Jelly fish breathe through their skin. You probably already knew this.

16. Lion’s mane is the name for the biggest jellyfish.

17. Jellyfish have the ability to reproduce both sexually and asexually. Be it male jellyfish or female jellyfish, both are capable or developing sperms in their stomach, inside a special pouch.

18. Their eggs pass through their stomach and come out of the mouth. Only the eggs that stick to female jellyfish’s mouth get fertilized.

19. There exists a type of jellyfish that resembles a plant. It lies on the seabed upside down.This way it collects energy from the sun.


20. The quantity of venom found in Box Jellyfish is capable of killing 60 people.

21. More people are killed by jellyfish each year than by sharks.

22. Rainy season decreases jellyfish population because jellyfish can only survive in salty water.