• Dolphin

    Deciphering the Language of Dolphins

    Talking to animals, especially ones that can relate to humans, has always been a dream of many people. Now, however, the language of one of the most intelligent animals, the [...]
  • Top Five Sea Predators of all time

    The great white sharks are imposing and dangerous predators of the oceans today. However, when matched up with some of the sea monsters of the past, it seems mild  by [...]

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  • 1. Do Not Feed The Pigeons – Italy – It’s illegal to feed pigeons in Venice, Italy (don’t tell Mary Poppins!) The pigeon poop actually pollutes the local buildings [...]

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Chicken Nugget only Diet not recommended

by TSurF in Bizarre

In the world of healthy eating, eating one food and one food alone usually is not a path to success. This is especially the case if the one food you eat is a particularly [...]