Amazing Facts About Whales

One of the most amazing animals on Earth is the blue whale. It is actually the largest animal to live on Earth. Scientists think that blue whales are even bigger than any dinosaur. The record of the biggest whale so far has been a female in the Antarctic Ocean. She was 30,5 m long and weight 144 tones.

  • Another interesting fact about whales is that the tongue can weigh as much as an elephant. But do you know who has the biggest heart on Earth? Oh, no it’s not Santa Claus. Actually it is the blue whale. Its heart weights up to 450 kg and is around the size of a VM Beetle car.
  • The pregnancy of the blue whales is between 10 and 12 months long, the newborn calf weights between 5.5 – 7 tones and long around 7.5 m. They can drink up to 225 liters of the mother’s milk, it’s 40-50% fat, a day. For an hour the calf gains 3.7 kg. When they are 8 months old they weight 22 tones and are 15 m long. The blue whale reaches maturity between 10 and 15 years.
  • The deepest driver from the whale family is the sperm whale. Adults can dive to depths of at least 2 000 metres and stay underwater for almost 2 hours. Sperm whales have to dive very deep, because they eat squid which lives in the deepest parts of the sea.
  • Sperm whales also have the biggest brain in the world. It is a third of its whole body length, it weights up to 9 kg and in theory is large enough to park a whole car inside. Sperm whales have been recorded to make sounds at 230 decibels, this makes them the loudest whales in our oceans. Sounds over 120 decibels are painful to our ears.
  • The bowhead whale has the thickest blubber of all whales, it’s whopping can reach up to 70 cm in thickness. They have the longest baleen. The baleen plates reach up to 5 m in length and are used to filter food from the water. The bowhead whale lives in the Arctic. Those whales also hold the record for living the longest – possibly over 200 years. They are the oldest mammals that we know of.
  • Another record that the whale family holds is for the largest testes in the world. Each pair weights a tone.
  • The record for the longest migration belongs to the humpback whales. They feed in Antarctic waters and go north to breed up to the coasts of Panama, Colombia and Costa Rica. Gray whales are also very good swimmers. Some of them swim a round-trip of 16 000 to 20 000 km every year. They live approximately 40 years and in this time they can travel a distance that is equal to going to the moon and back.
  • Male humpback whales sing the most amazing, complex long songs. Scientists in Alaska and other parts of the world have been studying them for years to understand them. They sing where they breed and give birth.

Whales are amongst the most amazing creatures on Earth and people should start caring a little bit more about them.