An Underwater Lake Was Discovered in 1990

Deep beneath the waves, far down on the ocean floor, are scenes often associated with the stuff of nightmares. translucent fish with wide black eyes capable of seeing in the dark, shell fish with bioluminescent skeletons, and colossal squid so huge, that they could eat a human being in one bite. (Actually that last one isn’t true but) ……All these creatures, though bizarre, are somehow quite expected, but it’s doubtful whether many people would imagine a lake lying down there, too.

This is indeed a Fact


The lake featured was discovered in the Mexican Gulf. During the Jurassic period the waters here were shallow and became cut off from the ocean. The area soon dried out, leaving a thick layer of salt and other minerals up to 8km thick. When ocean water returned after the region rifted apart, the super-saline layer at the bottom of the Gulf became an underwater lake. Now brine, which is continually released from a rift in the ocean floor, feeds the lake.