Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Voice Was Dubbed in the Movie “Hercules in New York”

Hercules in New York is a 1969 fantasy adventure film. It is known for being the first feature film to star Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was about 22 years old when the film was produced. However, it is one of the films that Schwarzenegger admits regretting.

Playing the film’s title character, Schwarzenegger, because of his long last name and to play off the name of fellow cast member comedian Arnold Stang, is credited as “Arnold Strong Mr. Universe”.

Due to his thick Austrian accent, Schwarzenegger had all his lines dubbed, although modern showings of the film have his audio track restored. However, even these restored showings cannot change the final scene’s lines that Hercules speaks to Pretzie over a small transistor radio, in a voice that is clearly not Schwarzenegger’s.