Bizarre Facts about Valentines day

Valentines day, also known as single awareness day and male oppression day (however for me its the Forever Alone day), is here! Great times for those couples madly in love yet not so great for those alone.

There are many myths and legends about this holiday of love, some facts are even stranger than legends. Here are some facts for you to ponder upon, along with some commentary, while you celebrate this holiday.


  • Around 13% of women send themselves flowers on valentines day. – This is really odd. Flowers on this holiday are supposed to make you feel better because it shows that someone cares about you. Sending yourself flowers just says that you care about yourself and that you are getting really desperate for someone to care about you.
  • Valentines DayIn medieval times, girls ate bizarre foods to make themselves dream about their future husband. – This makes absolutely no sense at all. You can’t control what you dream about by eating bizarre foods. That only makes your stomach hurt while serving no other purpose whatsoever.
  • Teachers and Children are the top two recipients of valentines day cards – Thus proving that the primary money-maker of valentines day sales is not stuff bought for girlfriends, the main money-maker is all the parents giving stuff to their kids to give to the teacher so they are not the only ones in class not to give the teacher anything. Besides that, its all the forced card and candy trades in elementary school on this day that make up the bulk of the sales.
  • In Japan, men receive more valentines chocolate than women. – Japan is not the only country that does this. In Korea, girls buy gifts for guys and then one month later, guys return the favor by buying gifts for girls.
  • Valentines day was first celebrated by the Romans. The Roman goddess of love Venus was made virgin every time she took a dip in the sea no matter who she had slept with beforehand. – Warning, taking a dip in the sea does not work wonders for mortal women as it did for Venus.
  • The reason that February was picked for this holiday is because in the middle ages, this was the month that people thought birds picked their mates. – It must have been decided in a Southern European country, there really are not many birds around in Northern Europe in February.
  • Valentines FlowersIf you see a squirrel on Valentines day, the myth is that you will marry a cheapskate so make sure you shoot all the squirrels around your house the day before or spend valentine in a hotel somewhere in the desert.
  • If you find a glove on the road on valentines day, your future spouse should have the other glove so you should put a glove on the road outside the driveway of that hot supermodel and keep the other glove for yourself.
  • It was King Henry VIII of England who declared this day a national holiday. Ironically he also beheaded a few of his wives.
  • Over 1000 love letters are sent to the fictional “Juliet” in “Romeo and Juliet” on valentines day