BrainPlus IQ Cognitive Supplement Review


A nootropic which functions as a cognitive supplement, BrainPlus IQ has recently been released within the package of an online deal. If you wish to know whether BrainPlus IQ is really effective, read our review:

What is BrainPlus IQ?

BrainPlus IQ ReviewAs stated before, BrainPlus IQ forms a part of the group of drugs named nootropics which provide you with the guarantee to support and boost your healthy mind and body functioning. BrainPlus IQ is being used as a supplement specifically by people who have crossed the age of thirty already or even older people who are facing challenges in preserving their memories or concentrating on the tasks at hand as they are aging.

But it is known that such difficulties tend to get even worse as people grow older and this is where BrainPlus IQ steps in. It comes with the promise of reversing the adverse effects of the aging process and would assist you in restoring your brain to its original strength.

  • One of the most effective NootropicsThe scientific formula of BrainPlus IQ has been proven to work.
  • Intense concentration- You will be able to focus your mind so that you can mentally absorb all the optimal information.
  • Precision of cognitive processes- Even the information you have learnt recently would be stored in an efficient manner.
  • Clarity in exercising your mental faculties- Your brain activities would be enhanced by the natural boost to your neurotransmitters.

If you are wondering how BrainPlus IQ performs all this magic, the secret is out. The simple and natural ingredient (as claimed by BrainPlus IQ) named phosphatidylserine present in this brain supplement does all the work.

How Does BrainPlus IQ Work?

Yes, you might be having difficulty pronouncing phosphatidylserine but it’s efficacy can be gauged from the fact that almost all the nootropic smart drugs have this ingredient.

In a number of studies conducted ( almost all of which included the testing on rats rather than on humans), it was found that the ingredient phosphatidylserine had the capability of drastically improving cognitive abilities such as the learning capacity as well as the ability to retain memory.

This particular drug has been promising in eliminating all the risks of cognitive dysfunctions in the aged. But still it must be remembered that the FDA believes that such claims have “little scientific evidence” and also that any research which has been conducted till this point is rather “limited and preliminary.” Hence, we cannot say for sure that phosphatidylserine is guaranteed to enhance your brain functioning.

While purchasing or using this drug, you should keep in mind that the manufacturer of BrainPlus IQ never takes the pain to explain how it works but still promises that the effects would be felt by you just within half an hour of ingesting it.

The Ingredients in BrainPlus IQ

There have been a few ambitious claims made by the owners of BrainPlus IQ about the ingredients in the drug like that it is entirely natural and that it is composed of a phosphatidylserine complex with 100% concentration.

However, we are never made aware of the quantity of phosphatidylserine which is actually being incorporated in the BrainPlus IQ capsules. It is more likely to be a lower dose but the dose could also be of the pharmaceutical strength.

Scientific Evidence for BrainPlus IQ

It is being stressed by the owners of BrainPlus IQ that the drug has been released in the market only after having underwent stringent “clinical trials” showing some remarkable results: “Experts say the majority of humans only use 10% of their brain’s potential. What if there was a pill that could unlock the other 90%? Clinical Trials have shown that BrainPlus IQ boosts brain power by up to 89.2%, increases focus by up to 121%, and sky-rockets your energy levels”.

If reports are to be believed, the aforementioned clinical trials had compared a placebo with BrainPlus IQ. In comparison to the former, BrainPlus IQ was able to increase the concentration “by up to 121%” and boosted the brain power “up to 89.2%”

How can you Buy BrainPlus IQ?

You don’t have to jump through any loopholes to buy BrainPlus IQ. If you wish, you can easily buy the nootropic through the website as it is not yet available through online retailers such as Amazon or brick and mortar retailers such as Walmart.

Curious to know more about BrainPlus IQ? Just head to the official website and see if you actually want to try it or want to move on to find the nootropic which would be the best for you.