Cat – eating Man Arrested after neighbor hears Distress calls

In Bakersville, California, police have jailed a man for decapitating, cooking, and eating cats. No pets had been reported missing, so the victims of this man were presumably stray cats. What led to his strange animal cruelty investigation and the eventual downfall of the 35-year-old Jason Wilmert was that he forgot to take one important step before trying to kill the cats for food. Namely, that he forgot to sedate the cats before he killed them. It was the sound of a cat’s distressed cries that made a neighbor look over and notice that Wilmert was trying to cut off a struggling kitten’s head with a  knife.

Cat-eating Man ArrestedLater, when police arrived, they found a cat’s head in the backyard and a cat carcass in the sink which Wilmert looked like he was preparing for cooking. Animal traps were also found around the house, which was probably how the man caught his unwitting stray victims. Wilmert is being held on a bail of $22,500 dollars that he was unable to come up with and will soon have his court date.

 This may sound horrible that this man was killing innocent kittens for food but it is actually quite common for people to eat other animals for food. We just get outraged at people who eat animals that are cute. Every day, hundreds of cattle, pigs, and chicken are slaughtered for our daily consumption, yet when we have a piece of delicious fried chicken at the local KFC or one of those all-beef burgers at McDonald’s, we don’t even flinch of think about what we are eating. Now, there is something to be said about how this guy didn’t sedate the animals and was killing them slowly and in a painful manner but realistically, this was probably due to the fact that he either didn’t think about it or he just didn’t have the means to do so. If he was really after the cats for food then there’s no doubt that he would rather have the cats be still and sedated instead of kicking and screaming while trying to kill them.

While his method may sound like(and is) cruel treatment towards animals, his jail sentence should not be a long one.  After all, we let factory farmers continue their practices to supply us with meat without a second thought. They way they treat their animals, especially the chickens, can easily be considered inhumane as well. If you don’t believe it, you should chicken out the 39 days of a broiler chicken( Click here ). These animals are shoved into a small pen and fed food to fatten them up fast, only to be mass-slaughtered in the end. The animals never leave the factory or see sunlight but are bred to live a short and miserable existence and to be slaughtered for food in a little more than a month. So, while we may be angry and enraged at the thought of someone killing little kitten for food, what we do to animals is hardly any better.