• ap_mitt_romney_ll_120823_wg

    99 Facts About Mitt Romney

    Mitt Romney, we all know who he is… kinda… For many of us around the world this guy has just popped up on the radar and we have no idea who he is! Why not do some [...]
  • Valentines Day

    Bizarre Facts about Valentines day

    Valentines day, also known as single awareness day and male oppression day (however for me its the Forever Alone day), is here! Great times for those couples madly in love [...]
  • Tylosaurus

    Top Five Sea Predators of all time

    The great white sharks are imposing and dangerous predators of the oceans today. However, when matched up with some of the sea monsters of the past, it seems mild  by [...]
  • Worlds Largest NES Controller

    The World’s Largest NES Controller

    Now if you were born in the 80′s then this will bring back a few memories. The times when you use to sit in the living room and complete Mario Brothers over and over [...]

SOPA: The Internet Blacklist Bill

January 21, 2012

A new bill is trying to be passed by the US congress that will allow the USA to DNS block or black list sites so people no longer have the freedom to visit them. Only 3 other [...]
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