Cats Injure Themselves more from Lower falls rather than they do with higher ones

A formal study on the effects of falling from building on cats has never been done (could you imagine scientists chucking cats off of a building, in the name of science?) However, a report in the Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association assembled data about cats that have seen vets in New York City after falling from buildings, and the findings are remarkable. Not only did the cats have a 90% survival rate, but the cats that fell from the 7th floor or higher had less injuries than those that fell from lower floors. This phenomenon could be because cats have what is known as a “righting reflex”. When cats fall, they shift their bodies in mid-air automatically to land on their feet. The cats that fell from higher floors had more time to shift their bodies and land on their feet.

Now, before everyone starts throwing their cats off of skyscrapers, there’s an alternate theory. The 132 cats in the survey were cats that already survived their falls long enough to go visit a vet. It’s possible that cats that fell off higher floors were clearly dead, so their owners didn’t bother taking them to the vet, so they were never counted. If your cat falls out of a window or off of a building it’s important to take him to a vet immediately