Chicken Nugget only Diet not recommended

In the world of healthy eating, eating one food and one food alone usually is not a path to success. This is especially the case if the one food you eat is a particularly unhealthy food, like chicken nuggets. Yet, that is just what Stacey Irvine has done for the last 15 years of her 17-year-old life. She also eats an occasional helping of potato chips to help with her food diversity.

            Stacey collapsed and was struggling to breathe while she was rushed to the hospital for emergency rescue. Upon arrival, doctors examined her and essentially told her to diversify her diet and startingNugget addiction eating fruits and vegetables, which she had never touched, or die. She had a badly inflamed tongue, anemia, and inflamed veins. Her situation was so bad and her body so deficient of essential vitamins that she had to be injected with them to survive.

However, despite the ultimatum of eat greens or die, she says she cannot give up her 15-year-old habit of only eating McDonald’s chicken nuggets and has to take many vitamin supplements a day in order to recover and remain somewhat healthy. She has, however, admitted that eating only chicken nuggets has had a detrimental effect on her health, as if that wasn’t obvious enough.

Stacey’s case is an extreme case of what is known as “food addiction” where a person is so addicted to one type of food that they refuse to eat any other food. However, even nutritionists say that this is by far the worst case they have ever faced and they haven’t seen anything quite like it. She is so addicted to chicken nuggets, she cannot even begin to fathom eating other foods, even if the consequence of not eating them is death. Even if you don’t die of vitamin deficiency with such a diet, you surely will die of either heart disease or cancer as not eating fruits and vegetables greatly increase the risk of developing those two diseases.

One of the most amazing things about this story is despite eating nothing but chicken nuggets for her main meals, this girl is not fat. She actually looks like a normal-sized girl for her age. This really doesn’t make any sense as a regular 20-piece portion of chicken nuggets from McDonald’s contains more than the daily recommended amount of fat. You’d think that after eating nothing else but nuggets, fries, and an occasional slice of toast(only for breakfast), this girl would be as big as a hippo. The only conclusion is that this girl got a really lucky draw when it came to genetics both as her genes have not allowed her to grow fat and have allowed her to stay alive for 15 years despite lacking vitamins in every non-meat category. Most people would be so big they’d almost be unable to move and would have dropped dead years ago. Its just plain unfortunate that she’s chosen to throw away this genetic jackpot for something as trivial as chicken nuggets.