Church Is Cooler When It’s Made Out of Ice

The church at Mitterfirmiansreut, nearly the Czech borderline, makes up more than twenty meters long and boasts an tower. It is built of about 1,400 cubic meters from ice and snow.

The construction was bathed in blue light when it opened in the evening with a blessing from Dean Kajetan Steinbeisser. Constructors process the building site of the Catholic snow church, which price 100,000euros.

Snow is brushed off the floor of the church to make an smooth and level surface. The church looks down across the hillside, from it is location around the Czech border. Light glistens off the entrance to the church, which is built of solid blocks from ice.

The construction, which may hold up to two hundred people, will remain open as a tourist attraction till the Spring. A quantity of events are planned throughout the coming months.

But it actually will need much a miracle to keep the construction standing into the summer when hotter temperatures will cause the big blocks from ice to melt.