Did you know that the first lady is going to break a world record!

Did you know that Michelle Obama wants to jump into the Guinness World Records next week by helping to break the current world record for the most people performing jumping jacks together in one place at once.

The first lady will be leading lots of local children in doing the once minute jumping jacks record to break the current record. The record will be attemped on the South Lawn on Tuesday so make sure you keep your eyes open for it on TV.

The jumping jacks record breaking attempt will be reviewed as usual by an official and will signal the beginning of the 24h challenge.

In order to break the current record, more than 20k people, yes that’s right.. 20,000 people around the world will need to do jumping jacks for a minute. National Geographic Kids is leading the attempt to break this record. The exact record to break is a staggering 20,425 jumpers which was set on March 22, 2011

Why dont you joing in on Tuesday next week for 1 minute and perform as many jumping jacks possible just so you can say that you also helped set a new world record!