Focus Nutra Amped – Nootropic Review

Focus Nutra Amped is a 100% natural energy supplement that helps you reach peak performance both physically and mentally. Combine these two factors and you become so much better at finishing the work at hand.

What does Focus Nutra Amped do?

focus-nutra-amped-nootropics-factspyFocus Nutra Amped is different than other nootropics because it is a performance enhancing supplement that works not only on your body but your brain as well. You feel more energized and active than before.

The product helps you to stave off the harmful effects of stress on your brain by reversing the damage that it does to your neurons.

Focus Nutra Amped increases blood flow to key muscle groups in the body so that you recover faster after bouts of exertion such as intensive exercise.

Your brain receives the benefit of increased memory and clarity of thought while your body gets a physical performance boost.

What is Focus Nutra Amped made out of?

Focus Nutra Amped is a 100% natural product with all entirely natural ingredients manufactured right here in the United States of America.

  • Guarana is one of the richest sources of the naturally occurring stimulant caffeine. Siberian ginseng works to increase the overall health of the body by helping it to adapt to surroundings and react accordingly. It has been reported to improve the ability to deal with stress under pressure and tense conditions.
  • Rhodiola Rosea is well known to boost the available energy, stamina, strength and mental acuity of the human body. It also protects you against heart disorders and high levels of cholesterol and reduces fatigue.
  • Green tea is essential to increase your metabolism. This helps you digest food faster and in a more efficient manner, thereby making more energy available to you as well as promoting weight loss.
  • Chicory root enhances digestion and liver function, improving the quality of blood and the efficient disbursal of food nutrients throughout the body.
  • Cayenne helps to keep the metabolism high and dilates blood vessels, enhancing the flow of oxygen rich blood to every part of the body. This enhances general health and fitness. It also increases the body’s resistance to disease and promotes healing.
  • Creatine monohydrate increases the body’s ability to produce large quantities of energy from rapid digestion of food, giving you the ability to do more all the livelong day.
  • Chromium enhances digestion and maintains optimum blood sugar. It has also shown proven benefits for memory and treating Alzheimer’s disease.