Foot Braces That Make You Immortal

For centuries people have been searching for the cure for death. Everything from the fountain of youth to the elixir of life has been highly sought after. Adventurers would risk their lives and explore the most remote places in the world in hope of finding the secret ingredient. All attempts, have of course, ended in failure as clearly evidenced by the fact that everyone still dies.

In the recent years with the internet taking over as the medium of information transfer, several new people have claimed to find the answer to becoming immortal. A seller on e-bay a few years ago was selling an “elixir of life” that he claimed to have possess the “life-matrix” that was directly given to him by the archangel Michael. Surprisingly he got a few sales on the product before E-bay banned it.

The strangest of the immortality items however, are the ones touted by a guy named Alex Chiu, who claims that wearing the “eternal foot braces” and “eternal life rings” (Alex Chiu’s Immortality Foot Braces) that he makes can make you physically young Foot Bracesforever. He claims that his braces, which are made of rare Earth or Ceramic magnets and are to be worn on all finger and toes while sleeping, it can help blood circulation and increase metabolism to fight the aging process. He backs up his claim with testimonies from customers and clients who have tried his products. Because Alex Chiu himself is fairly young and he has only been selling these things for perhaps a little more than a decade, there is no definitive proof that these rings can actually make you live forever. More recently Alex Chiu has also been selling Gorgeouspil powder which he claims can enhance the healing power of his rings several fold to actually reverse the aging process.

He also sells a herbal compound called “Super Chi Flush” which, get this, only works if you already use the immortality rings and the Gorgeouspil powder, and can unclog  and break the toughest clogs in your body by sending Chi energy into any area of your body which results in you feeling immediate healing. These seemingly amazing products are all cheap for the benefits that they claim to give. All three are under $100 and can be further discounted if you buy them as a package deal. In other words, just cheap enough to get someone to try it. Of course in fine print on his products he says he has no medical claims and that you just have to try to products for yourself to see if they work. In other words, after you pay, your basically screwed.Foot Braces 2

The amazing thing is, despite this apparent lunacy in his claims, this guy actually has customers. Some of them even claim that his products work after only a few days or weeks. Are people really gullible enough these days to really believe in this stuff? I guess they will just have to find out its a load of BS on the day that they die.