French Postman Built Stone Palace With His Stone Collection

Ferdinand Cheval was a French postman who built one of the most extraordinary works of naïve art architecture in the world. He dropped out of school at age 13, and eventually became a postman.

 One day, after he tripped on a rock, he got inspired by its shape and decided to begin collecting stones every day, as he delivered the mail. From that day on, he picked up rocks during the day, and worked on his palace at night. His construction takes inspiration from a lot of different styles, from Christianity to Hinduism.

It took him 33 YEARS to finish his creation, and he was so proud that he wanted to be buried in it. However, that was illegal in France. What did he do? He spent the next 8 years building a mausoleum for himself in the same way! He died a year after he finished and was buried there.