How the now famous Trollface came to be..

Trollface is widely known on the internet these days, if you’re wondering where it came from or how it came to be, you are in the right place. Below is the first post Trollface was used in.

The original Trollface post

Trollface is thought by many to come from sites such as 4chan, YTMND, Something Awful, ED, 2ch or any other site like these but in fact it comes from a very talented user on DevianArt called Whynne.

The original intention of this drawing was to create a ripped off version of the Rape Rodent drawing. As you can see he failed, but his failure brought on a whole new internet craze!

Trollface was created but didn’t kick off till it was used in a board on 4chan. It was then when the Trollface exploded across the internet being used in hundreds of thousands of images, on thousands and thousands of websites.

It’s ridiculous grin has a tendency to take the edge off seriousness and substitutes it for humor making serious comics and pictures turn into funny ones. Trollface can also be known as Coolface however, calling it this will not always be recognized.

The first Trollface Problem? post

Trollface can also be related to “Problem?” which started in the picture to the left!


Check below for some funny examples of the trollface usage.