If Aliens Arrived On Earth The Vatican Would Baptize Them

The senior Vatican scientist, brother Guy Consolmagno, says he is hopeful of aliens visiting our planet and would want to baptize them. In a recent interview, Consolmagno said that if humanity somehow found aliens, he’d be open to baptizing them. That is, if they asked to be baptized. The Church is open to the idea of intelligent life outside Earth. After all, Consolomagno says, God is bigger than humanity.

He also dismissed Creationism, the literal belief in Chapter 1 of Genesis, which says that God created everything in seven days, and has stated that science and religion can work together.

While to some it may seem odd that the Catholic Church would have scientists. There is a Papal academy of Science that keeps the Pope and other important priests up to date on the latest scientific developments. Stephen Hawking is even one of the memebers! Read more on the Church and aliens here!