Jeremy Lin: From Humbleness Beginnings to Greatness

Once in a while, an athlete comes out of nowhere and ascends to greatness while knocking down all the barriers in his way. Even less often, this athlete is humble, pays homepage to everyone except himself, and carries himself with dignity, humility, and poise that is uncharacteristic of professional athletes today.

Even more rare is when such an athlete represents an entire ethnic group of people. So rare is the occasion that people scramble to climb on board quickly when such an athlete arises. Recently, that athlete has been Jeremy Lin.

Jeremy Lin

Not only has Jeremy Lin been the Saviour for the New York Knicks, he has excited the entire Asian American sports community, a community that had fallen flat since the retirement of all-star center Yao Ming. Even more amazing than Yao is the fact that Lin is not a 7 foot 6 inch giant of a man, but a more “normal” guy at 6 feet 3 inches. The excitement has reached levels, especially in New York, that we haven’t seen in years. If this kid had seriously broken out 2-3 weeks earlier, he’d be starting in the all-star game right now. The most amazing story of Jeremy Lin though is the path that he took to get to this point. A path where at every turn, people were telling him he couldn’t make it.

Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin was born to a Taiwanese-American parents in 1988. He attended Palo-Alto high school  and lead the team to an impressive 32-1 record while also upsetting Mater Dei to win the Division II California State Title. He was named player of the year by the vast majority of California publications. Despite this success, no school offered him a scholarship for basketball. The PAC-10 schools did not guarantee him a spot on their teams but instead wanted him to try out as a walk-on. Without a guarantee from the big-name schools, Lin had to settle on going to Harvard. During his senior season at Harvard, Jeremy Lin lead the Crimson to a 21-win season, setting a program record. However, once again, he was passed over on draft night and had to apply to many teams for a spot on their summer league rosters. He eventually found a spot on the roster of the Dallas Mavericks summer league team and once again impressed people by playing well against the #1 draft pick, John Wall. He signed with the Golden State Warriors but rode the bench for his entire stay because the warriors had star guards Ellis and Curry and was eventually dropped. The Houston Rockets picked him up but once again because they had a great starting point guard in Lowry and a capable backup in Dragic, Lin did not get any minutes. He was dropped by Houston and on the brink of getting dropped by New York before he got his chance. Now, having 4 games straight of 20+ points, Lin won’t be hitting the free agent market anytime soon. He has instantly become a fan favorite and should have a starting role in the NBA for a long time. Even though this instant fame has somewhat flustered Lin, he has remained very humble and has always remembered his roots and the obstacles he had to overcome to get to this point – a story that is inspiring to everyone.