Kingdom of The Little People

The park, which is called Kingdom of the Little People, is a $115 million enterprise in southern China’s Yunnan Province that features as its top attraction a troupe of dwarfs who perform various skits including a slapstick version of “Swan Lake.”

The Kingdom is the brainchild of entrepreneur Chen Mingjing, who told The New York Times that he sees the park as a way to help the less fortunate, in this case, the more than 100 dwarfs who he says might otherwise be scrounging for odd jobs.

At the newest and hottest theme park in China right now, there are no rides or roller coasters, no cotton candy or games. There are just lots and lots of little people.

On a recent day at the theme park, hundreds of visitors forked out roughly $12 — not a small sum in China — to visit. Guests wander around a fake hilltop village of miniature houses where the dwarfs pretend to live.

And then it’s time for the show to begin. It is a spectacle. In one particularly cringe-inducing number, dance music blares as a leather-clad performer busts some break dancing moves. It’s not something you see everyday.