LifeLock: Can You Protect Your Identity from Theft?

Did you know that people around the world are victims of identity theft and, in some cases, they cannot repair the damage? There is a new identity fraud every 2 seconds, and who knows, you may be one of the victims.

For your protection, we present to you LifeLock – a unique service that protects your identity with the unprecedented combination of detecting, alerting and restoring. It monitors over a trillion data points every day using exclusive technology and informs you by email and mobile devices if it notices dubious activity. Its dedicated team of U.S. experts is ready to help by making the phone calls, file the paperwork and take all the difficult steps to help restore your identity if it ever is endangered.

Do you think that you can handle such a threat on your own? Sure you can, BUT! Your bank monitors transactions on your existing account. They may not see other accounts opened using your identity at another bank – or an application for a student loan, welfare check, or cellular plan in another state either. So it may pass a long time before you realize that you’ve been cyber-mugged.

Also, proving that ‘you are you’ can be time-consuming and expensive. LifeLock’s team of professionals will assist you to help clear your name, retain lawyers and other experts if required, and pay court fees. Hiring them as your protector will be money and time saving!

If you believe that such thing cannot happen to you, let us just say that the thieves have progressed a lot these days. Only by using a free Wi-Fi, you reveal your SS#, and for a professional thief, this is more than enough to access the information on your computer, including passwords and other personal info.

If you are interested and care about protection, visit LifeLock website for more information >

Also, you will be staggered by their prices! Stay safe!