Man Proposes to Girlfriend with Dress Made from 9,999 Red Roses

This is just the stuff that fairytales are made of. The beautiful princess walks off into the sunset with her prince charming, dressed in a gown made from thousands of roses. You’d never think it could happen in real life, but it has. In an incredibly romantic gesture, this guy in China had a dress out of 9,999 deep red roses made for his girlfriend. After she put on the dress, he proposed.

Initially Xiao Fan considered proposing with only the roses, but realizing his girlfriend’s love for fashion, he decided to go a step further and get them sewn onto a dress. So the flowers were stitched together carefully to make a sweeping floral gown, fit for a bride. Several dressmakers worked round the clock on the project to get it completed on time. I think it’s pretty amazing how they managed it, keeping the flowers so fresh and lovely.

Mi, the lucky girlfriend, had the gown adjusted on her on the day of the proposal. On top of the rose gown, she wore an ivory-white fur shrug and also held a bouquet of yellow orchids. The event took place on the grounds of Chime-Long Paradise amusement park in Guangdong province. The place was chosen because that’s where the happy couple met for the first time, when Yin Mi was crowned Miss Bikini 2009.

The dress that Mr. Fan had made is not just breathtaking, but also pretty symbolic. The number 9 in Chinese culture is said to represent ‘forever’. The orchids are known to symbolize love, beauty and virtue. Mr. Fan has obviously won top brownie points from his girlfriend, seeing that she happily accepted his proposal. But I do think he’s set some pretty high expectations with her as far as romance is concerned, and he’s going to have to live up to them all his life!