Man Tempts Fate with Burger and Loses

We are often told to not tempt fate because sooner or later it will catch up with us. Perhaps a certain 40-year-old man should have listened to such advice before he scarfed down a triple-bypass-burger at the joint call the “heart attack grill”. Unfortunately for the man, he happened to have a heart attack as he was trying to chew and scarf down the legendary 3-patty burger with tons of cheese and bacon added to it.

Despite the symptoms which he was reported to be having such as sweating and shaking, he ignored them, and continued to try to eat the burger until the heart attack hit. The best part about this story is that the joint even pretends to be a hospital and call the “customers” patients. Their waiting staff are girls dressed in skimpy nurse outfits and who take your pulse before taking your drink order. The restaurant also puts up signs that claim to be “bad for your health”. But despite that, customers who are 350 pounds or over eat for free, which of course is just begging people to eat more burgers to get fatter. No one seemed to take a warning hint when the joint’s 575 pound pitchmen died last year at the young age of 29. This particular 40-year-old customer certainly didn’t as he now may need the surgery that is the same name as the burger he was trying to eat.

The joint has no plans to trim the fat off its food despite these two unfortunate accidents but the owner did say he felt sorry for the customer. He stated that despite the joint’s morbid sense of humor, you would really have to be sadistic to find something like this funny. However, offering Obese people a free way to get a heart attack would seem almost just as sadistic.

This would be a sad story anywhere but it is really hard to feel sorry for these customers who probably know that they are seriously Obese and in horrible health because of their eating habits but yet insist on tempting fate and eating things that will likely kill them in the near future. Honestly, if you are 350 pounds and are not 7’6” tall like Yao Ming, then you have to know you are seriously overweight which puts you are high risk for high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. Why then would you eat something that can easily make you drop dead? Most of these people probably don’t even do this just once but do it over and over again despite the repeated warnings. There is a high chance that if this person survives his operation, he will eventually come back to this joint and try to enjoy another burger. Perhaps the owner at that time will refuse because of possible legal action if the guy has another heart attack while eating the same burger.