Max Synapse Smart Supplement Review

There’s a completely new nootropic which functions as a brain supplement and goes by the name of Max Synapse and guarantees that it will boost up your brain power.

However, the question remains that does this supplement which is highly priced take action as effectively as it is advertised? We give the answer to the question with our review of Max Synapse.

What is Max Synapse?Max Synapse Review

The nootropic Max Synapse claims that it is the “#1 brain enhancer” to be found in America. The ingredients which contribute towards the production of Max Synapse is an assortment of cognition enhancing drugs. The manufacturers have promised that you would be able to unlock the utmost functioning potential of your brain only if you take one of the pills in a day.

You would be required to make the payment of ooear about $70 if you wish to obtain the monthly dose of 30 capsules. Thus, as you can see, Max Synapse is rather pricey for a nootropic supplement.

Will the high payment you are making for these pills be worth it in the long run? Get to know the ingredients and the process in which it takes action, and your decision making might be a little easier.

How Does Max Synapse Work?

The official manufacturer describes the working process of Max Synapse in this way:

“Nootropics improve the function of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine via cholinergic (ACh) receptors and stimulate NMDA glutamate receptors that are critical to the learning and memory processes.”

One thing is noticeable in this description. It doesn’t in any way refer to Max Synapse but rather gives us an overall view of how nootropic supplements take action generally.

However, it will be unfair to say that the manufacturer doesn’t make any specific claims about Max Synapse. It is claimed that this supplement has the power to increase your potential to think rationally with focus, enhancing the recollection of memories, improving your reaction time and mood simultaneously and providing your brain with the essential nutrients that are required to preserve its health in the long run.

Thus, it can be rightly pointed out that Max Synapse will give you a holistic experience of protection and enhancement of the aspects of your mind’s cognitive functionality.


The Benefits of Max Synapse

  • It will help you surpass your consistent lack of focus whenever you place a demand on your mind to perform. You will be able to find your ability to concentrate on all your unfinished tasks. Unlike the nootropic caffeine, which can possibly make you uneasy and jittery, this supplement doesn’t have any adverse effects at all.
  • This supplement in packed to the brim with some extraordinary protective benefits rendered through ingredients such as vitamins and antioxidants, which will promote blood flow, cognitive function and even assist patients suffering from neurogenesis.
  • Max Synapse is placed in a league of its own by the NZ-405 SuperMax Blend™. With a one of a kind formula containing the most scientifically established, studies backed beneficial ingredients, which have earned merit by being featured in all the leading journals of science.
  • The ingredients contained in Max Synapse have the capability of boosting your brain power in a way that will be completely safe and effective.

The Cognitive-Friendly Ingredients of Max Synapse

The following ingredients are relied upon by Max Synapse for taking action:

— Bacopa Monnieri: It has shown certain evidences pertaining to the improvement of memory and learning.

— L-Glutamine: This amino acid can be found in your body naturally and is often employed in order to boost the flow of blood to your brain, giving it large quantities of much needed nutrients and oxygen.

— Ginkgo: Not only does it act as an antioxidant, boosts memory and increases the speed of cognitive processing but also improves the flow of blood to brain.

— L-Carnitine: This is also an amino acid which is often associated with reduced stress. Your body needs it but unfortunately it’s only found in red meat.

— GABA: This ingredient generally doesn’t work in the raw form in a brain supplement and is incapable of naturally crossing the blood-brain barrier. Though the manufacturer of Max synapse might attribute the lifting of your spirit to this ingredient, it is highly unlikely that it would play a role in increasing the brain power.

— Vitamins B6 and B12: These vitamins are famous for generating energy in your cells, boosting your mental and physical performance and hence it is often found in the popular energy drinks.

— Huperzine: Some studies have associated it with increased memory and learning however, the results haven’t been proven through any major study yet.

Max Synapse ingredients in the full dosage

The ingredient list would not correspond to the ones which we have listed above as the ones mentioned here would most likely be hidden in the part of the formula (320 mg) named “Additional Blended Herbs”.

The Chinese botanical ingredient Mu Gua or Fructus chaenomelis has been included due to reasons unknown. Other randomly named ingredients such as the Chinese herbal extract YI Yi Ren or Coix Seed and Semen Colcis are also present. Some of them might be attributed to treating ailments in Chinese medicine traditionally though none of them have shown significant benefits in studies that are trustworthy which might be a cause for concern for all the fans of Max Synapse out there.