Mc’Donalds Salads consume More Fat than Their Burgers

Yes, Im stunned at this fact also. I was sitting in Mcdonald’s tucking into a fat Big mac when my girlfriend turned round to me and said “OMG, there is more fat in my salad than there is in your burger!!” My natural reaction was to think she was just joking around but I looked at the nutrition facts and this is indeed very true! Check it out for your selfnutrition facts.

 A hamburger at McDonald’s has 9 grams of fat. A cheeseburger has 12 grams of fat. The Premium Caesar salad with crispy chicken has 17 grams of fat. The Premium Southwest Salad with crispy chicken and the Premium Bacon Ranch Salad with crispy chicken both have 20 grams of fat.

On top of that, SALAD DRESSING adds EVEN MORE fat. If you want to add Creamy Southwest Dressing, it’s 6 more grams of fat. The Ranch Dressing has 15 grams of fat. The Creamy Caesar Dressing has 18 grams of fat. So, if you get a salad with crispy chicken and salad dressing, you could be consuming 35 grams of fat – the fat equivalent of 4 hamburgers. So all of the times you have tried to be healthy, whether its trying to lose weight or simply good health style,   tucking into a “Healthy” salad,  could possibly be putting more weight on your body.