PETA Gets More Retarded By the Day

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) used to be known as the good and loving organization that cares deeply for the cute and cuddly animals. Well, no longer is it seen by the public as that. In the last few years, they’ve become quite a joke with their no-too-well-thought out public stunts and now they are capping it off by suing Seaworld for using Orca slave labor(Click here).

They really believe that the constitution protects Orcas as it does humans. They even use the whales themselves as the plaintiffs in the case.


Now PETA has done some pretty stupid stuff in the last two years with regards to animal rights from having models strip down for animal rights(which admittedly was pretty hot but not the thing to do if your going for the family friendly audience) to trying to sue the Mario franchise for abusing animals in their video games. PETA later told everyone that the Mario thing was a joke designed to get the attention of people. The people’s verdict – not funny. In fact most people thought it was outright dumb and because of PETA’s recent stunts, they thought it was a serious accusation. The other thing that PETA tried to do was to re-name fish sea-kittens. The basis for this move is that the word “fish” does not make them lovable to humans and if they were re-named sea-kittens, people would see them as lovable kittens that swam and so would put forth more effort into protecting them. Of course, this campaign didn’t work and just changed more people’s opinion of PETA from “respectable hardcore animal-rights organization” to “those looney people”.

Super Mario Demotivational Poster

So with stunts like these two in their past, it should come as little surprise that PETA would try to sue Seaworld for using the Killer Whales as slaves. Not surprisingly Seaworld’s legal team wrote the entire case off by saying Orcas and other animals were not protected as humans were under the constitution. PETA’s legal team makes the claim that the whales are being forced to do tricks and live in a very small tank with little chance of winning freedom. However, they do not take it much into account that many of the whales probably don’t mind living in a tank and earning a handful of fish for tricks they do while getting the best of medical treatment and being well-fed. Orcas in captivity generally have longer lifespans than Orcas in the wild. Since there is no way anyone can actually ask the whales what they think, we will never really know if the whales are being “oppressed”.

Orcas at SeaWorld

This case though, goes far beyond just killer whales. If PETA wins, this could threaten the use of dogs in the police force and other animals used in the service of humans. It could possibly mean that keeping pets would be deemed “inhumane” since you can always make the argument that the animals are being kept against their will. Despite these far-reaching consequences and the fact that PETA has almost no real chance of winning this case, they push on. While the cause of their law suit may seem noble at first glance. All it really does is annoy people and bring unwanted litigation to an area where such litigation is really not necessary and makes them look like more of a joke than they already are.