SOPA has been dealt with, now ACTA is on the attack! [UPDATED]

SOPA has been dealt with, now a new force is already trying to win where SOPA failed, this new treaty is trying to pass in the European Union. We need to stand together once again to face the forces of evil. If you have no idea what ACTA is, take a look at the video below and share it with your friends and family.


ACTA – The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement is a proposed plurilateral agreement for the purpose of establishing international standards on intellectual property rights enforcement in Europe.

ACTA (when it comes into force) would establish a new international legal framework that would create its “own governing body outside existing international institutions” such as – the World Trade Organization (WTO), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) or the United Nations.

An open letter signed by many organizations, including Consumers International, EDRi (27 European civil rights and privacy NGOs), the Free Software Foundation (FSF), the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), ASIC (French trade association for web 2.0 companies), and the Free Knowledge Institute (FKI), states that “the current draft of ACTA would profoundly restrict the fundamental rights and freedoms of European citizens, most notably the freedom of expression and communication privacy.”