The Coolest Gaming Setups In The World

Most gamers have to make do with a drab setup comprising couch and standard plasma TV. There’s nothing wrong with that but on the other hand, take a look at nine of these ultimate games rooms below. These are some of the most elaborate and expensive, home gaming setups and video arcades ever. Playing PS3 or Xbox 360 at any one of these awesome gaming rooms would be like immersing yourself right into the game, rather than just playing it. You can literally feel like you’re in the cockpit, on the battlefield, or surrounded by zombies at any of these ridiculous game rooms.


What do millionaires do with all that money?…invest it?…travel?…give it away to charity? Well Jeremy Kipnis decided that he would build a home theater which he calls “the greatest show on earth” – and oh yeah…It only cost him a cool $6 million to build it. This amazing home theater features one of the largest screens ever installed in a home (18-feet wide), and also one of the greatest sound systems on the planet. The sound system consists of 16 subwoofers, 8 tower speakers, 10 tweeters, and 3 center channel speakers, all of which are powered by a group of 35 amps. It’s hard to even imagine what this theater would sound like during a movie or while playing video games. Speaking of video games, this in-home movie theater does include a Playstation 3, and it’s no doubt one of the most engaging video game experiences that any gamer could ever want.


Are you kidding me!? This theater is ridiculous. Not only does it have a huge 109-inch Stewart Filmscreen with Runco VX-4000d DLP projector, but on each side of this screen are 2 more 50-inch NEC plasmas. What does this mean? Well…you can watch a movie, the big game, and play Xbox 360 all at the same time – talk about multitasking. The Xbox 360 is mounted right in the center console between two of the 11 comfortable recliners in the room, so you don’t even have to get up to change games. To add to the comfort of your gaming experience at this awesome media room, there is also a full wet-bar at the back of the room, so you can make yourself a drink to sip-on while you play. If you get tired of playing Xbox (why would you?), you can go shoot some pool at the adjacent game room or play on one of the arcade-style games. It’s a rough life!

Maybe one day, I will have something similar 🙁