The Top Ten Largest Internet Frauds

Frauds and flicks are around us every day everywhere. We come into contact with deception more times than we even know, weather its some funny picture that has been photoshopped or perhaps a video that has been super imposed! In this particular post we are going to focus our attention on the top ten largest internet frauds.



1. The body of a small villa


In 2004. Dan Baines from Derbišajera set in England is a wonderful thing for sale on their official website and eBay.. It was not just the subject, but he claimed his body was small villas. Very convincing scam resulted in a great visit – as many as 20,000 visitors came to his site to see the corpse of a small villa. However, it soon became known that it was a hoax.

2. Charge your iPod using an Onion!

The concept was simple and plain. Rogue team prepared a video in which they showed how you can fill your iPod with onions and glasses sports drink “Gatorade”. Video Internet quickly spread, and the pseudo-scientific fraud they bought millions of Internet users.

3. Lonelgirl15 from Youtube

Lonelygirl15 is one of the biggest fraud that was seen on the Internet. It’s about a girl who supposedly fully opens his soul, asking other users to help her with problems that have to do with her boyfriend, parents, etc.. Later we found out that this experiment was a film crew from the United States and New Zealand. The figure is interpreted Lonelygirl15 actress Jessica Rose. Millions have bought it. Even the UN take advantage of her popularity, so she was hired to shoot a spot on the UN’s campaign to fight poverty.

4. Bill Gates burned banknotes!

One of the founders of Microsoft was once the richest man on the planet. Everybody knew him, and any fraud that is related to it had the potential to become viral and spread quickly to the world. The creators of these fraudulent e-mails inviting people to submit e-mails promising money that will supposedly for each message sent to pay Microsoft. Evidence of the popularity of these scams is the fact that such e-mails can still be found in your inbox.

5. Giant spiders in Iraq

When in 2004. The American troops entered Iraq, the Internet began to spread e-mails that were begging people to sympathize more with the soldiers who are away from home, away from their families, it is a place where there are war zone and that is very dangerous. However, anything that is not the huge spiders that run 40 miles per hour, jump five feet into the air, which can grow to 60 cm in length.

6. The Blair Witch Project

This horror film from 1999. The fantastic advantage of the Internet, posing as a documentary with allegedly found amateur footage.

7. Triple leeches

This spoof appeared on the internet 2002nd The spread and also e-mails. The figure shows that three dangerous tornado approaching ship freight. However, the National Weather Service in the U.S. soon uncovered the fraud and said it was a fake photo. Cheap “photoshop” trick in which many believed.

8. Hercules the giant dog

Many were surprised when in 2007. see photo of horses and giant dog Hercules. In the e-mails they received stated that the “Hercules recently elected as the biggest dog in the world and entered the” Guinness Book of Records. “Hercules is a Neapolitan Mastiff who reportedly weighs about 130 pounds. Its owner reportedly said, “I fed him normal, ordinary food, but it has been steadily increasing.” It has convinced many that the dog is real, but the word was the most ordinary trick.

9. Bill Gates buys Catholic church

Another Internet scam in which he was also involved Bill Gejtst, occurred in 1994. year. Then the Web is published a press release stating that Gates bought the Catholic Church, and that his company “Microsoft” has teamed with the Catholic Church.

“The combined resources of Microsoft and the Catholic Church will allow us to make religion easier and more fun for a wide range of people” read the statement. Microsoft on 16 November 1994. was even released an official statement about it and of course denied any purchase of the Catholic Church.

10. Drink and surf don’t mix!

Not surfing in the waves, as shown in the figure, but surfing the internet. Fraud appeared 1994th years, and maintained that Congress is considering legislation that would prohibit Internet browsing intoxicated and that he would not be allowed to exchange sexually explicit material over the public network. The hoax was so convincing that thousands of people called congressmen to express their anger over this stupid bill. Senator Ted Kennedy was even released an official press release in which he rejected any claim of passing similar laws.