The Ultimate Gamers Simulator Created By The Gadget Show

We previous listed some of the nicest setups for gaming, but for some reason we missed this one, this setup is by far the most outrageous and most engaging simulated experience ever created when it comes to first person shooters.

The Gadget Show have truly outdone themselves this time, what you are about to discover here is going to change the way games are played forever, it’s a huge milestone in the evolution of gaming.

The Gadget Show was not satisfied with any run of the mill simulators on the market so they decided to build their own, and what they came up with is jaw dropping!

To build the ultimate gaming simulator TGS (The Gadget Show) had to  choose the ultimate first person shooter, they had a wide range of shooters for example Call Of Duty, Halo and the Tom Clancy Games were all up there in the ranks but they didn’t have anything on the brand spanking new Battlefield 3.

The reason they chose Battlefield 3 is due to the new game engine, unlike its predecessors the new Battlefield 3 is running on the new game engine called Frost Bite 2 which delivers state of the art sound, graphics and a whole new way of scenery being destroyed! The new Frost Bite 2 employs a brand new character animation technology called Ant. Ant was designed to make in game characters look and behave in a super realistic manner.

Now that TGS has the ultimate game for their masterpiece, it was time for them to get in touch with the techies they needed to make this whole thing possible. First they needed to find a location, there nothing more important than your surroundings when trying to make a simulator feel real, TGS spared nothing and went all out!

TGS decided that the best location for a simulator would be to inside a dome. The dome reaches 4 meters high and a staggering 9 meters wide, the Igloo Vision Dome uses 5 top of the range high definition projectors to provide 360 degrees wrap around imagery.  TGS still were not satisfied with the tech they already had so they came up with another addition to the Igloo Vision Dome, the best idea ever to hit a gaming simulator!

TGS found out about a Swedish company called MSE Weibull, MSE Weibull are the creators of a Omni directional roller platform which allows you to walk in any direction and at any speed without really moving too far. This unique product is used in the creation of military simulators, which I might add is very fitting for the game genre that they chose. The treadmill like platform that MSE Weibull provided was used to control the in game character.

So now TGS found the perfect location and the perfect player tracking systems, they had to find some lighting effects to top it off. TGS got in touch with an amazing company called Extra Dimensional Technologies which specialize in ambient LED lighting systems for exhibitions, concerts and homes. The idea behind the LED lighting system is to provide the player with a full 360 immersive experience within the dome.

The Ultimate Game SimulatorThe LED’s are hooked up to Extra Dimensional Technologies clever pixel mapping software that can monitor the real time color changes within the game Battlefield 3. There were about 800 LED’s used in the whole setup providing a spectacular result. Now when I say spectacular results I don’t mean just change the ambient color of the dome.. oh no.. Extra Dimensional Technologies went one step further by using their pixel mapping software to map certain pixels, so when those specific pixels are activated they would trigger a paint ball guns to shoot at the player inside the dome, so getting shot in the game actually now hurts..How about that for realism!

TGS now had everything they needed to make the ultimate gaming simulator, apart from one thing… They needed away to shoot the enemies. TGS came up with a super simple yet perfect solution to playing Battlefield 3 in their super realistic simulator. They used an iPhone… What was that I hear you say! Well.. TGS came across a small toy gun that you clip your iPhone in and the triggers of the gun press the screen of the iPhone. The iPhone is then hooked up to the computer giving you the control of the mouse.

The Ultimate Game SimulatorSo now they have the movement and weapon control systems setup they needed away to crouch, they managed to hook up an Xbox Kinect which would monitor player movements in real time while playing, this allows the simulator to know when you crouch and stand up, this is essential for taking cover in the game!

TGS now have everything down to perfection and its ready to begin testing of the worlds ultimate gaming simulator! To find out what happens next check out the video below, I promise you, if you are a gamer, this will be the most amazing thing you have ever seen. Enjoy!