The World’s Largest NES Controller

Now if you were born in the 80’s then this will bring back a few memories. The times when you use to sit in the living room and complete Mario Brothers over and over again. The graphics were just incredible back then. We used to think to ourselves ” Could technology become any better than this?” Well of course it did but nothing can beat a classic console like the NES.

A group of gamers have decided to build the worlds biggest and fully functional Nintendo controller.  You are going to need some serious teamwork to complete Mario on this one!

Worlds Largest NES Controller

The massive NES Controller measures approximately 12ft (w) x 5 ft (d) 3 in x1ft 8 in (h), and weighs in at a whopping 265 pounds. It was built by Ben Allen, along with Stephen van Hof and Michel Verhulst. The controller cost over $6,000 (USD) to construct.