Wazuma V8 Lazareth “The Worlds Most Expensive Quad Bike”

 A quad bike labelled the most expensive in the world has gone on sale.

Built by French firm Lazareth, the Wazuma V8 has a top speed of 150mph and a price tag to match.

It’s been put up for sale on JamesList, a website which describes itself as the “World’s Luxury Marketplace”, for 200,000 euros (£167,000), not including tax.


The bike was manufactured with a Ferrari engine and a six speed sequential gear-box from BMW. It gets its speed from 250 horsepower generated by that engine and the fact it weighs just 650kg.

The sales information goes on to say “the suspension system is very specific, featuring four horizontal shock absorbers, made‐to‐measure by EMC”.

Described as a unique masterpiece, there is just one downside for any drivers who might be thinking about buying it. They would need their own private racetrack to drive it on as the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders says it wouldn’t be legal for road use in the UK.