Worlds Largest Christmas Light Display

It might look like something straight off the Las Vegas strip but this big, brash and bright display is shining festive light on shoppers in China.

The remarkable display on an enormous 250m-by-30m wide screen, switches between images of baubles, snowy scenes, festive light displays and even footage of a swimming whale.

Those who are not busy doing their last minute Christmas shopping are able to enjoy it while skating on an ice rink below. The Chinese have some style!

 The dazzling panel, which has a huge Christmas tree covered in blue lights beneath it, stretches along a shopping plaza in Beijing’s central business district.

Called the skyscreen, it is clad entirely with LED modules and is second only to the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas, which at 460m-by-27m is the largest single screen in the world.

The incredible screen is six stories high and is held up by pillars 80ft in the air. It reportedly cost £32million to put up and it combines five individual displays to form the giant images.